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We are a 100% Level 3 B-BEEE Contributor

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Sparkle Chemicals cc was founded in 1982. Specializing in all aspects of the manufacturering and distributing of industrial and domestic cleaning products, including speciality cleaning materials. Being a multi-purpose supplier company, our primary objective is to provide a vehicle towards economic advancement. We assist You, in being a part of new opportunities and environments, helping You grow your business!

Based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, we operarte both locally & nationally and are a dynamic business with a highly professional, committed and experienced team, providing a full range of Services to accommodate everyone’s needs. We are here to provide you with solutions. To do this we draw on our practical experience, our detailed market knowledge and our ability to tailor methodologies to your specific requirements.

Our services exceed the physical product. We consistently strive to share knowledge, improve our products, and encourage less expensive and less invasive cleaning options whilst striving to enhance the bio-degradability and earth friendliness of our products, which are all eco-friendly. In this way we are also safeguarding the vulnerability of children. 

We manufacture a quality range of products:
Washroom Chemicals Laundry Detergent General Liquids Personal Care Disinfectant Floor Care Auto Care Cleaning Equipment ....Read More »
These include both standard and custom made versions

As a level 3 BBBEE contributor and 100% black owned, black economic empowerment company we are socially responsible with the deep conscience of empowering others who do not have access to opportunities. We have an innate understanding of the cultural diversity, the previously disadvantaged and basic human nature with its short comings, thus we are at the helm of meeting the needs of our clients by providing them with sustainable solutions which will bear progressive results and diversify the service delivery approach.

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Create an environment where our people can grow.
Provide innovative services to all South African communities, whilst striving to enhance bio-degradability & earth friendliness of our products
To implement efficient and cost-effective business processes.
To continually provide our clients with unrivalled, high quality, and efficient services & products through creative and distinctive ways in which we organise, plan and execute all our projects – In short, we aspire to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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To be a leading, multi-purpose industrial & domestic cleaning chemicals supplier and development company. We aim to provide a vehicle towards economic advancement of persons previously excluded from participating in the mainstream of the South African economy. The company is committed to long-term mutually beneficial relationships with its individual and corporate clients, delivering excellent service at all times through customised and cost effective solutions.

We are committed to providing tailor-made Solutions and Services based on our client's business or personal needs. We strongly believe in delivering quality service on time all the time.
All of the above is done with consideration to:
Social responsibility
Create an environment where our people can learn and grow.
Providing innovative services
Adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity
Being a valuable service provider
Quality and speedy delivery
Create job opportunities
Ensure that on-job training and the transfer of skills in all areas of our business is maintained.
Utilize the best possible methods or technologies in the execution of every product / job

Respect & Integrity
Customer Centricity
Ethical Business practices

Sparkle Chemicals is run by a dynamic and highly experienced team with a passion for success. We aim to add value always and our ability to complete projects timeously and satisfactorily makes us a force to be reckoned with.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us, should you require more information and/or a free quote, we will get back to you immediately. Call Lucy: 083 346 9302

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We are a 100% Level 3 B-BEEE Contributor

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